Cinema and Cultural Studies (CCS) 

Administered by the Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, the major in Cinema and Cultural Studies considers film as a form of representation in and of itself and in relation to other disciplines such as literature, art, and theatre. By emphasizing the emerging discipline of cultural studies, the major is designed to show how cultural forms such as cinema and the other arts develop and interact with each other and with social, historical, and economic forces. The major's core courses place strong emphasis on writing skills and critical thinking about film and other cultural forms. Students are also taught "media literacy"-the ability to read the many images we encounter every day in an age when images are being used for manipulation as never before. Students are encouraged to apply knowledge in the classroom to practical situations through internships in film and advertising industries or through independent research.

Students majoring in Cinema and Cultural Studies are prepared to undertake graduate study in many humanistic disciplines and to enter into careers in the film industry, communications, advertising, marketing, and public relations.