Requirements for the Minor in Medieval Studies (MVL)

All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires at least 21 credits.

1. MVL 141 The Legend of King Arthur

2. Two courses chosen from the following:

3. Three of the following courses, including at least two different designators, in medieval philosophy, art, music, or literature. At least two of the courses must be numbered 300 or higher.

  • ANT 361 Peasants
  • ARH 305 Art and Culture of the Middle Ages
  • EGL 300 Old English Literature
  • EGL 302 Medieval Literature in English
  • EGL 340 Chaucer
  • HUF 216 French Civilization through the Ages
  • HUI 216 Italian Civilization through the Ages
  • HUI 235 Themes in Western European Literature: Sex, Love, and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature
  • HUL 324 Romance Linguistics
  • ITL 424 History of the Italian Language
  • ITL 430, 431 Studies in 13th- and 14th-Century Literature
  • LAT 355 Early Medieval Latin
  • LAT 356 Late Medieval Latin
  • MUS 350 Western Music before 1600
  • MVL 241 Heroes and Warriors (if not used for Requirement 2)
  • PHI 304 Medieval Philosophy
  • RLS 270 Christianity
  • RLS 310 Biblical Theology
  • Additional relevant courses may become available. Consult the coordinator of the medieval studies minor.

4. HIS 451 Colloquium in Medieval History or MVL 447 Directed Readings in Medieval Studies

Note: Also required, but not included in the 21 credits for the minor: Completion of intermediate level Latin  (LAT 252) or a relevant intermediate-level European foreign language numbered 201, or 212 or higher.