WSE: Women in Science & Engineering

WSE 187: Women in the Laboratory: Introduction to Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Research

An introduction to and hands-on experience in doing research in mathematics, engineering, and several science disciplines within a group setting. The students rotate among several research environments: computer science, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Within each environment they are given background readings, instructed in the problem to be studied, jointly carry out a small experiment related to the problem, and discuss the social implications of the research problem. Students make presentations related to one of the projects in which they participate. Enrollment limited to first-year women in the WISE program.

3 credits

WSE 242: Society and Gender in Science and Engineering

A study of the social and gender dimensions of science and engineering, the social context in which modern science and engineering operates, and the role of women in these fields. The course focuses on (1) women's historic and current participation in Science, Mathematics and Engineering disciplines, including why so few women are involved in these fields, and (2) the relationship of social forces and scientific knowledge, by considering the role of ethics, politics, and economics.

Prerequisite: One of the following: BIO 201, BIO 202, CHE 131, CHE 141, GEO 102/112, GEO 122, PHY 125, PHY 131/133, or PHY 141

DEC:     H

3 credits

WSE 487: Independent Project in WISE

The design and implementation of a research project selected by the student and arranged by the student and the instructor. May be repeated once.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and department

0-6 credits

WSE 488: WISE Internship

Participation in public and private agencies, laboratories and organizations. Students are required to submit written reports on their experiences to the faculty sponsor and the WISE program. May be repeated up to a limit of six credits.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and department

SBC:     EXP+

0-6 credits, S/U grading