Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2016

Requirements for Minor in Jazz Studies

All courses offered for the minor in Jazz Studies must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. At least 3 credits from Requirement 2 in either track must be at the upper division level. Completion of the minor requires 21 credits. C

The minor is designed for students who are interested in jazz but who do not seek training in more sophisticated aspects of music theory and musicianship.  

1. Theory:
MUS 119 Elements of Music or MUS 130 Sound Structures
MUS 315/316 Structural Principles of Music I and II

Note: Students well versed in music notation and basic theory (demonstrated by the MUS 119 challenge examination) should take MUS 130 Sound Structures 

2. History:
MUS 308 History of Jazz and one of the following:
MUS 304, MUS 310, MUS 311, MUS 313, MUS 319, MUS 320, or MUS 355 (if offered as a jazz-related topic)

3. Performance:
Six semesters (6 credits) in any combination of the following courses:
MUS 189 Beginning Hazz Improvisation
MUS 264 Big Band Jazz Ensemble
MUS 267 Jazz Combo
MUS 269 Introduction to African Drumming
MUS 270 Advanced African Drumming

Note: Students must audition to be accepted to MUS 189, MUS 264, and MUS 267.

If a Music major wants to also do a minor in Jazz he/she must undertake a relevant independent project under faculty supervision, taken as a 3 credit MUS 487 Independent Project.