Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2016

Requirements for the Major and Minor in Technological Systems Management (TSM)

Acceptance into the Major in Technological Systems Management

Freshman and transfer applicants who have specified their interest in Techno­logical Systems Management may be accepted directly into the major upon admission to the University. Applicants admitted to the University but not immediately accepted into the Techno­logical Systems Management major may apply for acceptance at any time during the academic year by contacting the director of the undergraduate program. Students in good academic standing may apply in any semester but priority for admission to the major is given to those students who have:

1) completed AMS 161 and the second course in a natural science sequence, or their equivalents
2) earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.50
3) received completed course evaluations for all transferred courses that are to be used to meet requirements of the major.

Requirements for the Major in Technological Systems Management (TSM)

Students must complete a specialization in one of the following: natural science, engi­neering and applied science, or environmental studies. (For those students who have a major in one of those areas and who pursue Technological Systems Management as a second major, the first major will serve as the specialization.)

Completion of the major requires approximately 79 credits.

A. Mathematics

B. Natural Sciences

One of the following sequences:

1. PHY 131/PHY 133 and PHY 132/PHY 134  Classical Physics I, II and Laboratories
Note: One of the following alternate physics course sequences may be substituted for PHY 131/PHY 133 and PHY 132/PHY 134:
PHY 121/PHY 123 and PHY 122/PHY 124
or PHY 125, PHY 126, PHY 127, PHY 133, PHY 134 
or PHY 141, PHY 142, PHY 133, PHY 134 

2. BIO 201, 202, 204 or BIO 201, 203, 204 or BIO 202, 203, 204 Fundamentals of Biology

3. CHE 131, CHE 132, CHE 133 General Chemistry I, II and lab

4. GEO 102, GEO 112 The Earth/Physical Geology Lab and one of the following:
GEO 304 Energy, Mineral Resources and the Environment 
GEO 311 Structural Geology
Note: This sequence will not fulfill the University D.E.C. E requirement.

5. BIO 201 Principles of Biology: Organisms to Ecosystems and one of the following:
GEO 101 Environmental Geology
MAR 104 Oceanography
ATM 102 Weather and Climate
ENS 101 Prospects for Planet Earth

C.   Study in Related Areas: Specialization

A cluster of seven related courses, totaling at least 21 credits, in one area of natural science, engineering, applied science, or environmental studies from a single department or program. At least three courses, totaling at least nine credits, must be at the 300 or 400 level, or equivalent as approved by the undergraduate program director/advisor.

D. Technological Systems Management

1. Required courses (11)

  1. EST 192 Introduction to Modern Engineering
  2. EST 194 Patterns of Problem Solving
  3. EST 202 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society Studies
  4. EST 305 Applications Software for Information Management
  5. EST 326 Management for Engineers
  6. EST 327 Marketing for Engineers
  7. EST 391 Technology Assessment
  8. EST 392 Engineering and Managerial Economics
  9. EST 393 Project Management
  10. EST 440 Interdisciplinary Research Methods
  11. EST 441 Interdisciplinary Senior Project

2. Electives

  1. EST 204 Modern Digital Tech Infrastructure
  2. EST 205 Introduction to Tech Design
  3. EST 207 Interaction Design
  4. EST 304 Communication for Engineers & Scientists
  5. EST 310 Design of Computer Games
  6. EST 320 Comm Technology Systems
  7. EST 323 Human Computer Interactions
  8. EST 325 Technology in the Workplace
  9. EST 341 Waste Treatment Technologies 
  10. EST 475 UG TA
  11. EST 488 Internship in TSM
  12. EST 499 Research in TSM
  13. Other 300/400 level courses in the area of specialization are allowed upon the approval of the TSM advisor

Please note:

  • At most 3 credits of the 3 electives can be counted from the following courses: EST 475, EST 488 and EST 499.
  • Only two, 200-level courses may be used in the major elective category unless permission is received from the department.
  • Students may take other 300 or 400 level courses in their area of specialization with the approval of the undergraduate program director/advisor.

E. Upper-Division Writing Requirement

All degree candidates must demonstrate skill in written English at a level acceptable for Technological Systems Management majors. To satisfy this requirement, Technological Systems Management majors must complete EST 440 and EST 441 with a grade of C or higher. Successful completion of these two courses also satisfies the university WRTD requirement.


All courses taken to satisfy requirements A through D above must be taken for a letter grade. A grade of C or higher is required in all.

Requirements for the Minor in Technological Systems Management (TSM)

All students must complete six or more of the following EST electives (minimum 18 credits) with a g.p.a. of 2.50 or higher. No grade less than C may be used to meet the requirements for the minor. EST courses counted toward the requirements for a student's major may not be counted towards the requirements for the TSM minor. Please note: only two, 200-level courses may be used for the minor unless permission is received from the department.

  1. EST 204   Modern Digital Tech Infrastructure
  2. EST 205   Introduction to Tech Design
  3. EST 207   Interaction Design 
  4. EST 304   Communication for Engineers and Scientists
  5. EST 305   Applications Software for Information Management 
  6. EST 320   Communication Technological Systems 
  7. EST 325   Technology in the Workplace
  8. EST 326   Management for Engineers
  9. EST 327   Marketing for Engineers 
  10. EST 391   Technology Assessment
  11. EST 393   Project Management 
  12. Other 300/400 level courses in the minor are allowed upon the approval of the TSM advisor.