Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2016

SBU: Stony Brook University

SBU 101: Introduction to Stony Brook

A seminar intended to integrate transfer students into the University community by providing information about Stony Brook and a forum for discussion of values, intellectual and social development, and personal as well as institutional expectations. This course is a graduation requirement for all first year students (students in their first year of college study). Not for credit in addition to ADV 101, ACH 101, LDS 101, GLS 101, HDV 101, ITS 101, SSO 101, SCH 101, or LSE 101.

Prerequisite: First-semester freshman or transfer student, according to section

1 credit, S/U grading

SBU 301: Global Issues

Global issues involving international politics, sociology, and economics. the course addresses topics and regions that are currently of global importance, each class session focussing on a particular issues presented by an expert and coordinated by the instructor. Meeting times may be variable. May be repeated as the topic changes.

1 credit, S/U grading