HNI: Nursing One and Two Year Baccalaureate Courses

HNI 290: Introduction to Nursing

This course is designed as an introduction to nursing for students who plan a career in nursing but are not yet enrolled in a school of nursing. The student will be oriented to the nature and scope of the profession of nursing and settings where nursing is practiced.

2 credits

HNI 389: Cultural Immersion: Undergraduate

This seminar course will provide the student with an interprofessional perspective of global health. A specific world area will be studied in detail with emphasis on contemporary problems that affect health considering the ecology, history, language, cultural systems and social arrangements. Cross-cultural learning opportunities, both domestic and abroad, will engage students in reflection on the interconnections, interdependence and inequalities they encounter during this experience. School of Nursing permission is required.

Prerequisite: Admission to Undergraduate Health Sciences Program

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)