Pre-Application Requirements for the Major in Social Work

57 college credits passed with a minimum 2.5 GPA, satisfaction of Stony Brook Curriculum outcomes, and the following Stony Brook courses or transfer equivalents passed with a grade of C or higher:

1. 3 credits of English composition (WRT 102)

2. 3 credits in fine or performing arts, excluding design or skills improvement courses (must satisfy SBC ARTS        requirement)

3. 3 credits of American political systems (POL 102

4. 3 credits of introductory anthropology (ANT 102) or sociology (SOC 105)

5. 3 credits of introductory psychology (PSY 103)

6. 3 credits of American history (post-Reconstruction) (HIS 104)

7. 3-4 credits of introductory human biology (BIO 101)

8. 3-4 credits of college-level mathematics (MAT 118 or higher, AMS 102 or higher, or SOC 202)

9. 3 credits of humanities (excluding elementary languages)

10. 3 credits of foreign language

Applicants should have demonstrated interest in the social welfare field through community involvement and/or paid or volunteer experience in programs aimed at social improvement.

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