Requirements for the Minor in German Language and Literature (GER)

Placement in Language Courses for Incoming Students

The prerequisites for courses indicate approximate placement levels. One year of high school foreign language is generally considered the equivalent of one college semester. Students are advised to consult the GER Program Coordinator if they believe the recommended course is inappropriate. 

Requirements for the Minor

A German minor is available for students majoring in other disciplines.

All upper-division courses in German offered to fulfill minor requirements below must be passed with a grade of C or higher. At least nine of the upper-division credits must be earned at Stony Brook.

Completion of the minor requires 21 credits. 

1.   GER 211, GER 212 Intermediate German I, II (see Note 1) 
2.   GER 311, GER 312 German Conversation and Composition I, II
3.   GER 313 German Vocabulary in Conceptual Groups
4.   GER 438 Structure of German
5.   GER 439 History of German

Note 1: The prerequisite for GER 211 is GER 101 or GER 112.
Note 2: One HUG course can be substituted for a course in 3-5.