Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Honors

Office: Engineering Building, room 220
Phone: (631) 632-6947
E-mail: ceas_wise@stonybrook.edu
Website: stonybrook.edu/wise

The WISE Honors program offers educational and professional science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) opportunities for undergraduate female students at the university by facilitating individual, institutional, and social change.  The main goals of the program are to: (1) provide academic support; (2) promote professional development; (3) facilitate research opportunities; (4) establish and maintain community outreach; (5) encourage global collaboration; and (6) enact inclusive strategies. The four-year curriculum is designed to promote academics, research, service and leadership.


WISE Honors program admissions are based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Applicants must have a demonstrated aptitude and interest in science, technology, mathematics, and/or engineering (STEM) as evidenced by factors such as mathematics and/or science courses in high school, above-average grades, research or other relevant experience, above-average scores on the quantitative parts of the SAT or ACT examination or an SAT science or mathematics achievement test. Incoming successful applicants have historically had 95-99 high school GPAs, 1350-1480 SAT (critical reading and math) composite scores, and 30-34 ACT composite scores. Strong applicants should have demonstrated interest in the WISE mission as shown by extracurricular activities, service and leadership. 

Transfer students, first-year students and sophomores not initially enrolled in WISE Honors can apply for admission into the program.  Acceptance will be based on quantitative (a minimum of 3.2 cumulative GPA) and qualitative (STEM major, personal statement and letters of recommendation from faculty) criteria.


The core of the WISE Honors program curriculum emphasizes not only academic excellence in STEM, but service and leadership with a deep and rigorous research and career focus. 

  1. Course Sequence 

      A first-year WISE Honors student should take the course sequence (or their equivalents) described in the following table: 




Any semester


First year

ITS 101 (1c)

WSE102 (1c)



Research and career

Second year

WSE 201 (3c)

WSE 380 (3c)



Third year

WSE 301 (1c)

(offered both semesters)

WSE Practicum

(total 4 credits)

WSE 475, WSE 476,

WSE 487, WSE 488


Fourth year

WSE 401 (1c)

(offered both semesters)


WSE 495 (3c)

WSE 496 (3c)


Thesis or Design Project


  • Students will take ITS 101 and WSE 102 in the first year.
  • WSE Practicum for a total of 4 credits can be taken at the same time or after WSE 301. This can be accomplished by taking WSE Practicum courses (WSE 475/476/487/488). Students need to take at least two different Practicum courses and can repeat up to a maximum of 3 times (6 credits). Courses under a different designator may be considered in lieu of WSE Practicum. Students are encouraged to consult with the WISE advisor prior to enrollment.
  • WSE 201, 380, 301, and 401 are to be taken in order.
  • Students who enter the WISE program after the first semester of their first year will follow a modified course program according to the time spent in College. For example, those entering as sophomores must take ITS 101 and WSE 102 or substitute equivalent courses.
  • Every WISE student must submit a letter of intent containing a detailed description of the student's intended senior thesis or design project in WSE 495/496. The letter of intent must be submitted to the WISE Honors program for approval no later than three days before the add/drop deadline in the semester the student enrolls in WSE 495/496. A progress report must be submitted at the end of the first semester of work. An appropriate thesis (single-authored by the student) must be submitted at the end of the second semester and an oral report must be made at the annual WISE Symposium. The grade on the senior thesis or project design must be B or higher. These rules apply to students doing their theses or projects under the WSE designator or under a departmental designator. Students must obtain WISE program approval for registration under a designator other than WSE. 

      B. Requirements to have WISE Honors transcript notation:

  • Pass all of the courses of the WISE Honors curriculum with a B or higher grade including a Senior Thesis or Design Project
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Not be found guilty of academic dishonesty 

Students who receive a grade of B- or lower in a WISE Honors course (those with the WSE designator) may request to repeat the course toward WISE Honors requirements.