Faculty of Biomedical engineering Department

Distinguished Professors
Chu, Benjamin, Ph.D., 1959, Cornell University: Synthesis, characterization and processing of biomaterials, molecular manipulation and self-assembly in biomimetic mineralization, DNA complexation for gene therapy.

Rafailovich, Miriam, Ph.D., 1980, Stony Brook University: Polymeric liquids; phase transitions; thin film wetting phenomena; biopolymers.

Rubin, Clinton, T., Chair, Ph.D., 1983, Bristol University: Tissue adaptation; biophysical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.


Benveniste, Helene, Ph.D., understanding diagnostic MR contrast parameters suitable to visualize neuro-pathology in neurodegenerative diseases.

Bluestein, Daniel, Ph.D., 1992, Tel Aviv University, Israel: Dynamics of fluid flow and cellular transport through vessels.

Brink, Peter, Ph.D., 1976, University of Illinois: Biophysical properties of gap junction properties.

Chiang, Fu-Pen, Ph.D., 1966, University of Florida: Development and application of various optical techniques such as moiré, holographic, interferometry, and speckle interferometry for stress analysis, nondestructive evaluation and metrology.

Clark, Richard, M.D., 1971, University of Rochester: Tissue engineering in wound repair.

Cohen, Ira, M.D., Ph.D., 1974, New York University: Electrophysiology of the heart.

Djuric, Petar, Ph.D., 1990, University of Rhode Island: Acoustic signal processing.

Einav, Shmuel, Ph.D., 1972, Stony Brook University: basic physiological flow phenomena as well as cellular and tissue engineering as applied to the vascular system.

Fowler, Joanna, Ph.D., 1967, University of Colorado: Radiotracer synthesis with positron emitters.

Grine, Fred, Ph.D., 1984, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa: Tooth enamel thickness and structure and the stresses experienced by tooth enamel during masticatory loading in primates.

Hannon, Gregory, Ph.D., 1992, Case Western Reserve University: Explores the mechanisms and regulation of RNA interference as well as its applications to cancer research.

Harrington, Donald, M.D., Ph.D., 1966, Marquette University: Magnetic Resonance Imaging in medicine.

Hsiao, Benjamin, Ph.D., 1987, Institute of Materials Science at University of Connecticut: Structural and morphological development of complex polymer systems during preparation and processing in real time.

Jacobsen, Chris, Ph.D., 1988, Stony Brook University: X-ray microscopy and holography.

Jesty, Jolyon, Ph.D., 1975, Yale University: Control mechanisms of coagulation, experimental and theoretical analyses.

Kaufman, Arie E., Ph.D., 1977, Ben-Gurion University: Computer graphics; visualization; interactive systems; 3-D virtual colonoscopy; computer architecture.

Liang, Jerome, Ph.D., 1987, City University of New York: Development of medical imaging hardware for single photon detection.

Mathias, Richard, Ph.D., 1975, UCLA: Research in biophysics seeks physical insights into how cells and tissues function.

Qin, Yi-Xian, Ph.D., 1997, Stony Brook University: Physical mechanisms involved in the control of tissue growth, healing, and homeostasis, especially bone adaptation influenced by mechanical environment.

Reichek, Nathaniel, M.D., 1965, Columbia University: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Myocardial mechanics, perfusion, viability.

Zhu, Wei, Ph.D., 1996, University of California, Los Angeles: Brain image analysis, design and analysis of clinical trials and other biomedical studies, and genetics modeling.


Associate Professors
Button, Terry, Ph.D., 1989, University at Buffalo: High-resolution computer-aided tomography.

Chen, Weiliam, Ph.D., 1993, University of Michigan: Controlled release biodegradable DNA delivery vehicles for gene therapy; innovative drug delivery systems

Dilmanian, F. Avraham, Ph.D., 1980, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Computed tomography; radiation therapy.

Entcheva, Emilia, Ph.D., 1998, University of Memphis: Cardiac bioelectricity, electrical stimulation of cardiac tissue, mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias, defibrillation and modulation of cell function through gene transfer.

Frame, Molly, Ph.D., 1990, University of Missouri: Microvascular flow control at the fluid dynamic and molecular levels.

Gindi, Gene, Ph.D., 1982, University of Arizona: Algorithm development for medical imaging.

Hadjiargyrou, Michael, Ph.D., 1992, City University of New York: Molecular mechanisms of bone development and regeneration.

Judex, Stefan, Ph.D., 1999, University of Calgary, Canada: Molecular bioengineering; mechanical, molecular, and genetic influences on the adaptation of bone and connective tissues to physiologic stimuli.

McCombie, Richard, Ph.D., 1982, University of Michigan: Structure and function in complex genomes.

Pan, Yingtian, Ph.D., 1992, National Laser Technology Laboratories, China: Optical/NIR spectroscopy and imaging methods and applying these techniques to provide clinical diagnostic information.

Penna, Louis, Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles: develop novel radiation protection drugs, and developed a method to make analogs (mimetics) of heparin-binding cytokines / growth factors.

Powers, Scott, Ph.D., 1983, Columbia University:  Cancer gene discovery; cancer diagnostics and therapeutics; cancer biology.

Mueller, Klaus, Ph.D., 1998, Ohio State University: Computer graphics, data visualization, medical imaging.

Rastegar, Jahangir, Ph.D., 1976, Stanford University: Robotics; biomechanics.

Reinitz, John, Ph.D., 1988, Yale University: the generation of body form, and specifically the determination of morphogenetic fields.

Skiena, Steven, Ph.D., 1988, University of Illinois: Computational geometry; biologic algorithms.

Solomon, Irene, Ph.D., 1994, University of California @ Davis: Reflex and central neural control of cardiovascular and respiratory function.

Simmerling, Carlos, Ph.D., 1994, University of Illinois, Chicago: Simulate known properties of molecules, assist in the refinement and interpretation of experimental data.

Stein, Lincoln, M.D., Ph.D., 1989, Harvard Medical School and University: Proactive approach to the genome information explosion by developing databases, data-analysis tools, and user interfaces to organize, manage, and visualize that vast body of information.

Strey, Helmut, Ph.D., 1993, Technical University, Munich: Nanostructured Materials for Applications in Bioseparation, Drug Delivery and Biosensors.

Zhang, Michael, Ph.D., 1987, Rutgers University: Identifying functional elements in eukaryotic genomes using mathematical and statistical methods.

Zhao, Wei, Ph.D., 1997, University of Toronto, Canada: Development of novel detector concept and new clinical applications for early detection of cancer.


Assistant Professors
Dhundale, Anil, Ph.D., 1987, Stony Brook University: cDNA microarrays, functional genomics technologies; translational research.

Goldstein, Rita, Ph.D., 1999, University of Miami: Multidisciplinary approach, to measure brain function such as functional (fMRI), (PET), (ERP) recordings, and neuropsychology.

Miura, Michiko, Ph.D., 1984, University of California at Davis: Drug delivery methods; Developing new boron- carriers for BNCT.

Mujica-Parodi, Lilianne, Ph.D., 1998, Columbia University: Relationships between four simultaneously or near-simultaneously interacting systems: neural, cardiac, endocrine, and cognitive, to better understand the neurobiology of arousal, fear, and stress.

Neuwald, Andrew, Ph.D., 1987, University of Iowa: Statistical and algorithmic methods with their application to the classification and modeling of protein domains.

Rizzo, Robert, Ph.D., 2001, Yale University: Application of computational techniques to drug discovery

Schlyer, David, Ph.D., 1976, University of California, San Diego: Cyclotron targetry development; nuclear cross-section measurement; Biomedical imaging technology.

Sitharaman, Balaji, Ph.D., 2005, Rice University: Research related to related to the diagnosis/ treatment of disease and tissue regeneration

Wagshul, Mark, Ph.D., 1992, Harvard University: Utilizing MRI techniques for better understanding, diagnosing, and treating disease.

Zhong, Zhong, Ph.D., 1996, Stony Brook University: Medical imaging and diagnosis using monochromatic x-rays, x-ray phase contrast, and x-ray optics.


Research Faculty
Ding, Yu-Shin, Ph.D., 1987, Stony Brook University: Investigation of biochemical transformations and drug mechanisms in primates and humans.

Gatley, John, Ph.D., 1975, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyme, England: Medical radionuclide imaging.

Goldfarb, James, Ph.D., 2000, Catholic University of Nijmegen: Research focuses on the application of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to the cardiovascular system, particularly in the areas of myocardial function and blood vessels.

Hainfeld, James, Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin: Development of organometallic cluster compounds to be used as high resolution molecular labels.

Kolsky, Kathryn, Ph.D., 1989, Carnegie Mellon University: Development and production of radioisotopes using the BLIP facility, a high-energy charged particle accelerator.

Logan, Jean, Ph.D., 1976, Louisiana State University: kinetic modeling of data from PET experiments.

Miller, Lisa, Ph.D., 1995, Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Research focuses on the study of the chemical makeup of tissue in disease using high-resolution infrared and x-ray imaging.

Thanos, Peter, Ph.D., Gene therapy and dopaminergic mechanisms of alcohol and drug abuse.

Tracey, Kevin, M.D., 1983, Boston University: Research focuses on the roles of individual mediators of systemic inflammation, and their regulation by interactions between the brain and the innate immune system.

Vaska, Paul, Ph.D., 1997, State University of New York at Stony Brook: Instrumentation for positron emission tomography (PET).

Vazquez, Marcelo, M.D.,Ph.D., 1990, National University of La Plata, Argentina: Study of the mechanisms of central nervous system (CNS) damage induced by space radiation using in vitro (neural stem cells and neurons) and in vivo models

Wang, Yi, ScD., 1999, Washington University St. Louis: noninvasive in vivo cardiovascular imaging for the heart functional and morphological assessment using magnetic resonance imaging and image processing techniques .

Welsh, Keith T.: C linical medical physics.