Grading System

The following grading system will be used for graduate students in graduate courses: A (4.0), A- (3.67), B+ (3.33), B (3.00), B- (2.67), C+ (2.33), C (2.00), C-(1.67), F (0.00). Pass/No Credit (P/NC) and grades of D are not approved grades for graduate students.

• A student’s permanent academic record must reflect a final grade or a withdrawal grade for each course in which he or she is enrolled.

• If a final grade has not been reported by the scheduled deadline, or if the deadline has not been appropriately extended, an F will be recorded.

• Graduate students may repeat courses without limit. Credits will be counted toward the degree only once, and only the most recent grade will be used to calculate the cumulative GPA. This option does not apply to variable or repetitive courses.

• A student’s official transcript will show all grades received and the cumulative GPA will reflect all grades.