Faculty of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Department

Distinguished Professors
Grollman, Arthur P.,1 M.D., 1959, Johns Hopkins University: Chemical carcinogenesis and mutagenesis.

Reich, Edward, M.D., 1956, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., 1962, Rockefeller University: Autocrine regulation; parasite biochemistry; design of new therapeutic systems.


Leading Professor
Malbon, Craig C., Ph.D., 1976, Case Western Reserve University: Wnt-frizzled signaling via G-proteins in development; analysis of signaling complexes.


Bliska, James, Ph.D.,10 1988, University of California, Berkeley : Molecular and cellular basis of bacterial-host cell interactions.

Bogenhagen, Daniel, M.D., 1977, Stanford University School of Medicine: Replication, transcription and repair of mammalian mitochondrial DNA; mitochondrial proteomics.

Cohen, Ira S.,14 M.D., Ph.D., 1974, New York University: Electrophysiology of the heart.

Eisenberg, Moises, Ph.D., 1972, California Institute of Technology: Application of bioinformatics tools to study comparative genen organization.

Demple, Bruce, Ph.D.,UC Berkeley; Mechanisms and roles of human enzymes that repair oxidative (free radical) damage in DNA

Fisher, Paul A., M.D., Ph.D., 1980, Stanford University: Structure and function of the cell nucleus; DNA metabolism and mutagenesis; human neurodegenerative diseases.

Frohman, Michael A., Chair, M.D., Ph.D., 1985, University of Pennsylvania: Neural differentiation and signal transduction.

Ghebrehiwet Berhane,9 D.V.M., D.Sc.: C1q receptor mediated cellular responses with particular emphasis on inflammation and microbial infection.

Haltiwanger, Robert,7 Ph.D., 1986, Duke University: Regulation of signal transduction by glycoproteins.

Hearing, Patrick10, Ph.D., 1980, Northwestern University: Adenovirus regulation of cellular proliferation and gene expression; adenovirus vectors for human gene therapy.

Iden, Charles R., Ph.D., 1971, Johns Hopkins University: Biomedical applications of mass spectrometry; proteomics; characterization of DNA adducts and DNA repair mechanisms; synthesis of modified oligodeoxynucleotides.

Johnson, Francis, Ph.D., 1954, University of Glasgow, Scotland: Synthesis of natural products; DoM reactions; antiviral agents; mechanism of action of carcinogens and mutagens; site-specific mutagenesis; DNA damage and mechanisms of action of DNA-repair enzymes.

Levine, Joel,11 Ph.D., 1980, Washington University: Glial Cells, Proteoglycans and the Regulation of Axonal Growth

McKinnon, David,11 Ph.D., 1987, Australian National University, Australia: Molecular physiology of neurons and cardiac muscle.

Miller, W. Todd,14 Ph.D., 1987, Rockefeller University: Signal transduction by tyrosine kinases.

Moll, Ute M.,12 M.D., 1970, Ulm, Germany: Tumor suppressor gene research; mechanism of p53 inactivation.

Prives, Joav M., Ph.D., 1968, McGill University, Canada: Regulation of surface receptors in muscle cells.

Reich, Nancy C.,10 Ph.D., 1983, University at Stony Brook: Signal transduction and gene expression induced by cytokines and viral infection.

Rigas, Basil1, M.D. 1972, Athens Univ Med School; D.Sc. 1975, Athens Univ. Med. School, Greece: NSAIDs in the prevention of colon cancer.

Said, Sami I,.9 M.D., 1951, Cairo University, Egypt: Physiology and pharmacology of VIP and related neuropeptides, with special reference to their modulation of cell injury, inflammation, and cell death, and their potential as therapeutic agents.

Sampson, Nicole,2  Ph.D., 1990, University of California, Berkeley: Integrin receptor interactions in mammalian fertilization/enzymology of cholesterol oxidase.

Schechter, Nisson,15 Ph.D., 1971, Western Michigan University: Structure, function, and regulation of intermediate filament proteins and homeobox proteins during zebrafish neurogenesis.

Steigbigel, Roy,,1 M.D., 1966, University of Rochester: HIV treatment and immunoreconstitution.

Tonge, Peter,2  Ph.D. 1986, University of Birmingham, England: Biological chemistry and enzyme mechanisms; quantitating substrate strain in enzyme-substrate complexes using vibrational spectroscopy; rational drug design.

Tsirka, Styliani-Anna (Stella) E.16, Graduate Program Director, Ph.D., 1989, University of Thessaloniki, Greece: Neuronal-microglial interactions in the physiology and pathology of the central nervous system.

Van Nostrand, William ,9 Ph.D., 1985, University of California: Cerebrovascular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders


Associate Professors
Crawford, Howard, Ph.D., 1993, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas: Pancreatic cancer.

De los Santos, Carlos, Ph.D., 1987, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina: NMR solution structures of damaged nucleic acids and repair proteins.

Evinger, Marian J.,13 Ph.D., 1978, University of Washington: Transcriptional regulation of PNMT gene expression; genex expression in neuronal tumors.

Enikolopov, Grigori N.,17 Ph.D. 1978, Institute of Molecular Biology, USSR Academy of Science: Stem cells; neurogenesis; development; signal transduction

Karzai, Wali A.7, Ph.D., 1995, Johns Hopkins University: Biochemistry and structural biology of RNA-protein interactions, translational control of gene expression, and drug discovery.

Morrison, Sidonie A.,1 D.Phil., 1973, University of Oxford, England: Mechanisms of infection and pathogenesis in HIV-1 disease, especially host-cell factors; restoration of immune function during highly active antiretroviral therapy.

Simmerling, Carlos, 2 Ph.D., 1994, University of Illinois, Chicago: Computational chemistry and structural biology; molecular dynamics of biological macromolecules.

Schärer, Orlando, Ph.D., 1996, Harvard University: Chemical Biology of Mammalian DNA Repair.

Takemaru, Ken-Ichi, Ph.D., 1997, Graduate University for Advanced studies, Japan: Wnt Signaling in Development and Disease.

Talmage, David,10 Ph.D., 1981, University of Minnesota; Interactions between retinoids and receptor tyrosine kinase signaling pathways.

Thomsen, Gerald H.,7 Ph.D.,1988, The Rockefeller University: Vertebrate Embryonic Development

Wollmuth, Lonnie11, Ph.D., 1992, University of Washington: Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission.

White, Thomas14, Ph.D., 1994, Harvard University; Molecular biology and physiology of gap junction channels.


Assistant Professors
Aguirre, Adan, Ph.D. 2002, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados IPN (CINVESTAV-IPN), Mexico; Using endogenous NG2-progenitor cells for cell-based replacement for a variety of brain pathologies.

Bowen, Mark,14 Ph.D. 1998, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago: Single molecule spectroscopy; Coordination of post-synaptic glutamate receptor signaling by the MAGUK family of scaffolds.

Chen, Emily, Ph.D. 2002, Univ. of California, San Diego: Proteome signature of organ-specific metastasis.

Cao, Jian,12 M.D. 1985, Henan Medical College (China), M.S. 1992, Peking Union Medical College, Biology and prevention of cancer metastasis.

Colognato, Holly, Ph.D. 1999, Rutgers University: Extracellular matrix in the brain: roles during development and during neurodegeneration.

Carpino, Nicolas,10 Ph.D., 1997, Stony Brook University. 

Chen, Emily, Ph.D., 2002, University of California, San Diego; Breast Cancer Metastasis and Shotgun Proteomics.

Fu, Dax,6 Ph.D., 1995, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine: Biochemical and x-ray crystallographic studies of transmembrane active processes via membrane channels and transporters.

Garcia-Diaz, Miguel; Ph.D. 2003, University of Madrid, Spain: Structural enzymology of DNA/RNA transactions.

Nassar, Nicolas14, Ph.D., 1992, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Grenoble, France: Regulation of signaling proteins.

Rizzo, Robert,19 Ph.D. 2001, Yale University: Computational Research Projects in Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, and Method Development.

Seeliger, Markus, Ph.D., 2003, Cambridge University, Trinity College; Using NMR and ligand binding kinetics to study Abl and Src kinase domains.

Wei-Xing Zong,10 Ph.D. 1999, UMDNJ -Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchooL, New Jersey: Molecular Regulation of apoptotic and necrotic cell death.


Research Faculty
Berrios, Miguel, Associate Professor. Ph.D., 1983, Rockefeller University: Polypeptide structure of the cell nucleus; nuclear assembly and disassembly; mapping genomic DNA damage and repair assembly and disassembly; fertilization and pronuclear formation.

Dewey, Stephen L., Ph.D., 1985, University of Iowa: Imaging neurotransmitter interactions with PET and fMRI

Dickman, Kate, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Investigation of aristolochic acid, a compound found in certain herbal medicines, and its association with renal disease and cancer.

Li, Feng-Qian, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Advanced Studies/ National Insitute of Genetics, Japan: Function of signaling regulators involved in cell growth regulation, cancer biology and adipogenesis.

Moriya, Masaaki, Professor. Ph.D., 1981, Nagoya University, Japan: Cellular response to DNA damage.

Rosenquist, Thomas, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., 1989, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Genetic analysis of mammalian oxidative DNA damage repair.

Shibutani, Shinya, Professor. Ph.D., 1983, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan: Mechanisms of translesional DNA synthesis.

Volkow, Nora D. 15,16 M.D., 1981, National University, Mexico: Imaging studies of neuropharmacological agents; positron emission (PET) scanning.

Robert Watson, Ph.D., The University of Iowa; Insulin-stimulated Translocation of the GLUT4 Glucose Transporter.


Number of teaching, graduate, and research assistants, Fall 20010: 37


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