Waiver of Application Fee

To fill out an application, students must go to www.grad.sunysb.edu and create an online account. A nonrefundable application fee will be charged when the online application is submitted.

All applicants are required to pay the application fee. Exceptions include:

  • Applicants who re-apply for admission within one academic year of declining an official offer of admission.
  • Students who are U.S. citizens and have current documentation from a financial aid administrator of an appropriate college or university official substantiating that they are currently enrolled and that the payment of the application would create a financial hardship (complete financial information for the current academic year must be provided, including total cost of education and amount and types of financial aid received). To qualify, applicants must request a waiver from the Graduate School Admissions Office before they submit their application for admission and should include the necessary documentation listed above.
  • Students who have a fellowship/scholarship through McNair, Project 1000, SEEK, and AGEP. To qualify, applicants must have a letter or email from the appropriate agency sent to the Graduate School Admissions Office.

Appropriate supporting documentation for the application fee waiver can be emailed to graduate_school_admissions@notes.cc.sunysb.edu. Once the Graduate School Admissions Office receives the appropriate documents, the fee will waived for the applicant so they may submit their online application without paying. Application fees cannot be refunded so do not submit and pay the fee if you are requesting a waiver. 

Note: Students who do not enroll within 12 months of the original offer of admission must submit a new application and fee.

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