Course and Grade Point Average

The student will follow a program of courses determined to meet his or her needs and to satisfy the program requirements. A student must achieve a minimum 3.0 overall GPA in graduate courses taken at Stony Brook in order to receive the D.M.A. degree

Calculation of the grade point average (GPA) includes all courses numbered 500 and above taken at Stony Brook. Temporary grades (I and NR), missing grades and those grades for which no numerical equivalents are defined (P, S, U, and R) are excluded from the computation.

Graduate students may repeat courses without limit. With the exception of certain courses that may be taken more than once for credit, credits will be counted only once, and only the most recent grade will be used to calculate GPA for probation or graduation purposes. A student’s official transcript will show all grades received, and the cumulative GPA also will reflect all grades.

A graduate student who has changed primary program may request a restart of GPA in considering possible waiver of academic probation. The GPA for the new program will be calculated from the beginning of the semester in which the change of program became effective. A graduate student who has graduated and is readmitted into a new degree or certificate program may request a restart of GPA. Program approval is necessary before any restart request is submitted to the Graduate School. Courses taken before the restart of GPA cannot be used towards a second degree or certificate.