Oral Biology and Pathology Department

Acting Chairperson
Steven D. London, Westchester Hall (631) 632-3033

Graduate Program Director
Marcia Simon, Westchester Hall 105 (631) 632-8922, Fax (631) 632-9704
E-mail: Marcia.Simon@stonybrook.edu

Graduate Program Coordinator
Diane Van Tronk, 185 Westchester Hall (631) 632-3753, Fax (631) 632-9707
E-mail: Diane.VanTronk@stonybrook.edu

Degrees Awarded
M.S. in Basic Health Sciences (Currently not being offered to new students), M.S. in Biomedical Science (Oral Biology and Pathology track)

Ph.D. in Oral Biology and Pathology

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