Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (MAS)

Dean and Director
Minghua Zhang, Endeavour Hall 145 (631) 632-8700

Graduate Program Director
Anne McElroy, Dana Hall 113 (631) 632-8488

Director Institute of Terrestrial and Planetary Atmospheres and Coordinator of Atmospheric Sciences Program Sultan Hameed, Endeavour Hall 131 (631) 632-8319

Academic Coordinator Marine Conservation and Policy Program
Lesley Thorne, Challenger Hall 143 (631) 632-5117

Graduate Program Coordinator
Carol Dovi, Endeavour Hall 105 (631) 632-8681

Degrees Awarded
M.A. in Marine Conservation and Policy; M.S. in Marine and Atmospheric Science; Ph.D. in Marine and Atmospheric Science; M. Phil. In Marine and Atmospheric Science; Graduate Certificate in Oceanic Science; Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management

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