International Students

Financial Verification

Applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States must provide the University with verification that the necessary funds are available to finance their education at Stony Brook and for living expenses. The University form SUSB103R2 must be submitted for this purpose before immigration documents will be sent to the admitted students. (The form SUSB103R2 may also be downloaded at under the heading “International Students.”)

Each person planning to study, teach or engage in research in the United States is required to have the appropriate immigration status for that activity. I-20 Certificates of Eligibility for F-1 or J-1 student status are issued by Visa and Immigration Services at Stony Brook University based on receipt of required supporting documentation, including evidence of admission, English language proficiency, and proof of financial support for the proposed length of the program of study at the Stony Brook University. Non-immigrant students are responsible for obtaining and maintaining the appropriate immigration status for their stays in the United States.

I-20 Documentation

Government regulations require that every international student attend the institution that issued the I-20 used for entry into the United States. Transfers between institutions may be possible if a student can show that he or she reported to the original institution with the appropriate clearance.