HAX: Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

HAX 600: Doctoral Seminar

Provides a venue for faculty and doctoral students to discuss all aspects of their research. Researchers will present different branches of translational science and discuss linkage between research agendas. Provides opportunity for data to be viewed and analyzed by investigators with different perspectives and tools for analysis. Offered in the

Fall, S/F graded

May be repeated 1 times FOR credit.

HAX 602: The International Classification (ICF) of Health Across the Lifespan

Introduces the dynamic interaction that takes place between health, disability and contextual factors as identified in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) model. This model will be examined from the perspective of clinical and translational science for individuals from the prenatal period through senescence. Offered in the Fall.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

HAX 620: Rehabilitation and Disability

Introduces the Science of Rehabilitation and the Science of Disability. Presents models of rehabilitation and disability research and discusses controversies and commonalities between these areas. Forms the groundwork of future coursework in rehabilitation and movement sciences.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)