MKT: Marketing

MKT 516: Strategic Brand Management

Highly interactive course. Hands-on, practical exploration of product, service, and enterprise-wide brand building and management. Course is structured along daily responsibilities and challenges faced by working brand/marketing managers and will provide experience with proven strategies for building successful brands in the competitive marketplace, the decisions and options faced by brand managers, and the tools to effectively manage brands.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 518: Principles of Sales Management

This course prepares students to manage a sales force. Through lectures, discussions, assignments, and case analysis, students will understand principles and best procedures of sales force management as they apply to both small and large organizations.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 521: Industry Project in Marketing

The Industry Project course in Marketing is a capstone course that facilitates the transition from University to the workplace through the development of a "real world" semester long client project which is mentored by a faculty supervisor. Students will work in teams to learn how to manage themselves and others when developing solutions to real world business problems. Students will enhance their leadership skills as well as conduct research, analyze information, and present their findings. The format of the course will be a combination of classroom work and independent work in the form of consulting and site visits with the client. The course culminates with a professionally written marketing plan and presentation to the client. Should be taken during the student's final semester.

6 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 535: New Product Marketing

New products are a very important part of most all modern companies, particularly those having to compete on a global level. This course looks at the specific challenges in both coming up (conceptualization, design, and development) with new products and how to market them to different marketplace segments. Target marketing techniques and quantitative and qualitative approaches to assessing markets and product/market fits will be examined in depth. This course will incorporate a combination of formats - including lectures, computer labs, and team projects. It is recommended that Marketing Research be taken before this course.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 555: Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior examines the psychological, social, cultural and demographic factors that impact purchasing decisions. The course also examines consumer needs and marketing opportunities emphasizing their implications for marketing strategies. Topics include the consumer decision making process, motivation and its effect on behavior, images, attitudes, social and cultural influences, models of consumer behavior, segmentation strategies, and promotional applications. The course is delivered by lectures, case studies, a simulation and the student's development of a personal purchasing diary with its subsequent analysis.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 564: The Role of Information Systems in Marketing Management

This course will explore the theory and practice of developing, implementing, managing, and maintaining a Marketing Information System (Mktg-IS) for a variety of industries. Our discussions will include the collection, storage, analysis and subsequent delivery of actionable knowledge to the marketing decision makers in business entities such as Retailers, Wholesalers, Service companies, etc. The course will also review the spectrum of business transactions that occur within organizations that automate the sale of products and services while simultaneously collecting the information needed to manage the associated marketing mix. Standard marketing functions such as development, implementation, and control of a marketing plan will be reviewed and aligned to appropriate key performance and control indicators. We will examine various systems that are in use today and future trends including the concept ubiquitous networking and the pressure that environment will place on marketers. Discussions of concepts such as customer loyalty programs, disbursement of Market Development Funds, data (information) collection and storage requirements, content management, vendor and expense management, electronic exchange of information, interfacing with decision support and data mining systems, handling of multi-national marketing programs, etc. will expand the scope of the course beyond the traditional MKTG-IS concepts.

Prerequisite: MBA 505

Fall, 3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 565: Marketing Research

Introduces Marketing Research tools that aid managers in marketing decision-making; introduces the marketing research process and explains how it can be used to collect and analyze data and information necessary to solve marketing problems. A strong applied orientation exposes students to Marketing Research in traditional areas such as market segmentation, product positioning, product design, brand perception, sales forecasting as well as emerging areas such as Customer Satisfaction, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and on-line Marketing.

Spring, 3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 567: Marketing Strategy

The course seeks to familiarize students with the decision domain of marketing strategy, the purpose and elements of sound strategy, and managerial tools and processes for generating, communicating and implementing marketing strategies that deliver a sustainable competitive advantage to a company, product or brand. This course is designed with an emphasis on student activities, supplemented by lectures and case discussions. The major (i.e., broad) topics emphasized in this course are competitive marketing strategy, marketing analysis and market planning.

Prerequisite: MBA 505

Fall, 3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

May be repeated for credit.

MKT 575: Business Marketing

Marketing to businesses is a bigger, but less visible, part of the total marketing efforts of companies in the modern world. This course will present the business buying process and how marketing efforts can more effectively (and efficiently) reach out to the very large market made up of various businesses. We will look at how marketing should vary for different types of businesses and/or organizations.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

MKT 580: Advertising and Promotion Strategy

This course provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of advertising and other mass communications marketing practices: common business activities and terminology, perspectives applied when taking the optimal approach to decisions, plus descriptions and rationales of common practices (which are often far from optimal). The class itself places emphasis on developing students' abilities to express their analysis and recommendations in class discussion, essay exams and written assignments.

3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)