College of Business

Manuel London, Harriman Hall (631) 632-5787

Associate Dean
Thomas R. Sexton, Harriman Hall (631) 632-7181

Interim Associate Dean & Graduate Program Director
Dmytro Holod, Harriman Hall (631) 632-7183

Assistant Dean for Administration
Amy Milligan, Harriman Hall (631) 632-5708

MBA Curriculum Director
Michael Nugent, Harriman Hall, (631) 632-7478

Director of the Center for Human Resource Management
Manuel London, Harriman Hall (631) 632-7159

Office of Student Services
Harriman Hall Room 109 (631) 632-7171

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Advanced Graduate Certificates Awarded
Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Information Systems Management

Degrees Awarded
M.B.A., M.S. in Technology Management (in Korea)