DAN: Dance

DAN 501: Yoga and Somatics

A practicum in the ancient Indian philosophy of yoga approached from the somatic perspective of equally conditioning the physical, psychical, and discriminating mental body. Moments of harmonious action within the human system will be investigated through the physical challenges of Hatha Yoga. Participants will learn dynamic movement sequences, static poses, and breathing techniques, as they relate to the varied historical lineages from India. The student will gain experiential knowledge of yoga as used for healing pain, improving body image through somatic awareness, prevention of mental and physical disease, muscular control, and as training to balance strenth and flexibility. Although the course will focus primarily on the physical experience, related texts will be used to contextualize modern practices and familiarize the student with the extent of varied methodologies available.

Offered Fall and

Summer, 3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)

DAN 568: Dance Improvisation

The practice and movement investigation through discipline, spontaneity, and awareness. Skills in improvisation will be developed through creative projects and experiments in dance.

Prerequisite: DAN 165, 166, or 167

Summer, 3 credits, Letter graded (A, A-, B+, etc.)