Faculty of the MFA in Film Program

Associate Professor

Reeves, Robert, Associate Provost. M.A., 1977, Harvard University: Graduate Writing, Advanced Fiction, Comedy.

Kingsberg, Alan. Head of TV Writing, M.F.A. 1984, New York University.

Visiting Professor

Vachon, Christine, Artistic Director.  B.A., 1983, Brown University

Feiffer, Jules. The Pratt Institute: Humor and Truth, Screenplay

Gabler, Neal. A.M., 1974, University of Michigan, Creative Nonfiction, Biography, Essay

Handley Chandler, Annette. B.A. 1969 C.W. Post College

Visiting Assistant Professor

Brandeis, Magdalene, Director.  M.F.A., 2008, Stony Brook University

Koffler, Pamela. B.A., 1987, Yale University

Allen, Jennie. M.F.A., 2013, Columbia University

Crooks, Leonard. M.B.A., 1981, Strathclyde University, Scotland. Former head of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund.

Pero, Simone.  MPP, 1994, University at Albany

Ruehl, Mercedes. B.A. College of New Rochelle, Academy Award Winning Actress

Hinojosa, David. B.A. 2009, Boston University.

Russo, Kathleen. B.F.A., 1986, Rochester Institute of Technology


Offitzer, Karen. M.F.A. University of Arizona, M.A. NYU.

Roberts, Jordan. MFA, 2009.  New York Film Academy