Theatre Art Faculty

Phillip Baldwin, Associate Professor, M.F.A., 1987, Yale University. Scene design; interactive media; cultural studies.

Izumi Ashizawa, Assistant Professor, M.F.A., Yale University. Directing and Devising

Mallory Catlett, Assistant Professor, M.F.A., 2000, Simon Fraser University. Interdisciplinary arts, directing and critical studies

Amy Cook, Associate Professor, Ph.D., 2006 University of San Diego, California. Shakespeare, Performance, and Cognitive Science

John Lutterbie, Professor, Chair, Ph.D., 1983, University of Washington. Theatre history: performance theory and criticism; dramaturgy; directing.

Nick Mangano, Professor, M.F.A., Columbia University. Directing.

Deborah Mayo, Director of Undergraduate Studies, M.F.A., 1973, Yale School of Drama. Acting.

Ken Weitzman, Assistant Professor, M.F.A., 2003, University of California, San Diego. Dramatic writing.

Steve Marsh, M.F.A., 2000, Stony Brook University: Dramaturgy.

Elizabeth Bojza, M.F.A., 2004, Stony Brook University: Dramaturgy.

Adjunct Faculty

Cate Cammarata, M.F.A., Stony Brook University. Acting and Producing.

Jian Jung, M.F.A., New York University. Theatre Design

Nancee Moes, M.F.A. Stony Brook University. Acting and Analysis

Norman L Prusslin, Director of Media Director, B.A., 1973, University at Stony Brook: Broadcast management.

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