Non-Matriculated Status (GSP)

Any person holding a bachelor’s degree, its equivalent, or an advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher learning is eligible to be considered for admission to the University as a non-matriculated graduate student. Such students may enroll in graduate courses through the School for Professional Development (SPD) as non-degree students after submitting a completed application to SPD. Contact SPD for additional information at (631) 632-7050 or at . Non-degree students who later wish to pursue a graduate degree will need to make a formal application for admission and may transfer a maximum of 12 credits taken in non-matriculated status to the graduate degree program or 6 to a graduate certificate program.

School of Professional Development (SPD) students who are matriculated (eligible to enroll) with graduate non-matriculated program status, but who exceed the maximum number of allotted credits to be transferred into a master’s program (12 credits) or a certificate program (6 credits), must petition through SPD for approval. Petitions must include a rationale for why students didn't matriculate prior to the petition. Approval of credits beyond the minimum is not guaranteed.  If approved, a re-matriculation fee of $50.00 will be charged and must be paid before your petition is processed.