Stony Brook Scientists Discover Oldest Stone Tools on Record

Sonia Harmand and Jason Lewis, research professors with the Turkana Basin Institute and Department of Anthropology and co-leaders of the West Turkana Archaeological Project, unearthed the earliest stone tools ever found, dated at 3.3 million years old.
SBU Scientist Blogs from Bahama Shark Expedition

Christine O'Connell, a science communication professional at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, describes her experiences from the Bahamian Shark Sanctuary.   MORE »
SBU Chemistry Department Nationally Recognized for Safety

The Council for Chemical Research recognized Stony Brook for creating a culture of safety when engaging in chemical research.   MORE »
Elevating Passion to an Art Form

Knowledge is power for Stony Brook Professor of Art History Michele Bogart, and she uses it to defend public works of art.   MORE »