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Stony Brook Celebrates 2015 "40 Under Forty" Honorees 

40 Under Forty

On January 26,  over 200 alumni, former honorees, family, and  friends joined Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. at  the second annual  “40 Under Forty” celebration at the Edison Ballroom in Times Square, New York City. This year’s honorees were recognized for their achievements in medicine, the arts, public service, business, and academia, among other fields.

Research News

Mechanism that Unwinds DNA may Function Similar to an Oil Rig “Pumpjack” 

Huilin Li Lab Team

A team of scientists led by Stony Brook University biochemist Huilin Li, PhD, have proposed that DNA is unwound by a type of “pumpjack” mechanism, similar to the way one operates on an oil rig. Their finding, published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, is based on new close-up images of the proteins that unwind DNA inside the nucleus of a yeast cell and could offer insight into ways that DNA replication can go awry and trigger disease.  


A research team led by Stony Brook University investigating human and chimpanzee locomotion have uncovered unexpected similarities in the way the two species use their upper body during two-legged walking - See more at: http://sb.cc.stonybrook.edu/news/general/2015-10-06-chimpanzees-shed-light-on-origins-of-human-walking.php#sthash.REWafSuN.dpuf


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Stony Brook Experts

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