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New Exclusive Video Series: Luminaries Reveal Personal Experiences That Launched Careers


Billy Joel    reveals that the first time he realized how much he loved performing was when he was in third grade and sang “Hound Dog” on his school stage to the delight of fourth grade girls.   Ann Curry   discusses what it was like being the first in her family to go to college and her introduction to a campus environment.   Richard Leakey  recalls his first important fossil discovery as a 4-year-old. And Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist   Jules Feiffer  recalls how the Army changed his life and influenced his decision to become a satirist.  These four distinguished individuals chose to recount these transformative experiences not for “Access Hollywood,” “TMZ,” or  People . Rather they are among 40 notables participating in a new web-based video series called “  5 Questions With  ” produced by Stony Brook University on Long Island in New York. On Thursday, October 27, Stony Brook will launch the series featuring exclusive, thought-provoking video interviews with these luminaries who have achieved worldwide prominence in their fields and have visited the campus to speak at student and community enrichment events and activities.

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Citizen Scientists Can Now Lend a Hand in Penguin Conservation


A new interactive and user-friendly website that tracks Antarctic penguin populations and provides information for scientists to better understand environmental changes will now be accessible to the general public. The new tool, developed  by Heather J. Lynch, PhD, an Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolution, and colleagues internationally, is the first of its kind giving citizen scientists a lens into the world of scientists seeking to impact global environmental change by way of analyzing penguin living patterns, known as a strong indicator of the effects of climate change.


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