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Energy Scientist and Pediatric Physician Researchers Named Endowed Chairs at Stony Brook University Ceremony


At an investiture ceremony on the Stony Brook University campus, three new endowed chairs were formally appointed; two leading pediatric clinical research physicians at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital and a renowned materials scientist and chemical engineer at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The three new endowed faculty positions were funded by philanthropic gifts from the Knapp family through the Knapp Swezey Foundation, Island Outreach Foundation, and Jane and William Knapp respectively. 

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Investment Portfolio Theory Helps Scientists Predict Animal Population Growth, Disease Spread


Population demography of plants, animals and microbes that cause diseases is central to understanding many problems in ecology, evolution and conservation biology. Scientists have had limited information on collections of living populations to understand and predict what happens when you have many populations spread across vast geographic areas. Most research has focused only on local populations at small scales. A study published in PNAS  details a new “landscape portfolio” theory that is based on Markowitz’s portfolio theory in economics, melded with ecological landscape theory to predict population growth of living things.


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SoMAS researchers discover that computer climate models are missing key elements  to forecasting weather – such as this one of an atmospheric convective system in the central U.S.–leading to flaws showing persistent dry and warm prediction biases in the region. The researchers found a way to correct these flaws for a more accurate prediction of future climate patterns. The research and findings, published in  Nature Communicationscall for better calculations in global climate models.

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