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Stony Brook University’s School of Professional Development Offers Digital University Badges to Showcase Workplace Skills

morgan dicarlo

Students in the Stony Brook University School of Professional Development (SPD) may now earn “University Badges” – digital icons that demonstrate achievement of a particular skill or set of skills, and which are designed to help the student make academic progress toward achieving another credential such as a graduate certificate or master's degree.


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Research Team Creates Model to Predict Cellular Evolution

LED Safety

Scientists have not been able to understand and predict how cells evolve in our bodies, and this process is important because evolving cell populations are at the core of drug-resistant infections and cancer development. Now a research team led by Gábor Balázsi, PhD, of Stony Brook University, has developed a synthetic biological model that validates computational predictions of how quickly and in what manner cells change in the presence or absence of a drug. Their findings are published in a paper in  Molecular Systems Biology.  


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