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Stony Brook Takes Going Green to New Heights
Stony Brook Takes Going Green to New Heights

Teaching the Internet Generation to Extract Reliable News from Onslaught of Digital Information

Schneider KlurfeldAs the digital age began to forever change how news and information were transmitted, Stony Brook University School of Journalism faculty members considered the following challenge: “Could they create an educational model that would prepare the next generation of news consumers to navigate the new, emerging information ecosystem and discover for themselves what news was trustworthy?” more 


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Teaching the Internet Generation to Extract Reliable News from Onslaught of Digital Information

Stony Brook University Professor Receives Dental Research Association's Highest Honor

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7/25/2014 (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) Patricia Wright, lemur expert, at Seneca Park Zoo

7/30/2014 (Gizmodo) Scientist invents math trick to slice bagel into two entangled halves

7/29/2014 (Newsday) Pluto planet controversy rages on among scientists

7/30/2014 (Newsday) University gets funds for kidney research

7/29/2014 (Newsday) Year of Awareness: UV safety

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New Feathered Dinosaur from China Sheds Light on Dinosaur Flight

LED Safety

Research findings from an international team of scientists including Alan Turner, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, uncovers details on how a new species of a feathered raptorial dinosaur found in China provides evidence on how large-bodied dinosaurs took to the air. To be published in Nature Communications, the research hinges on understanding where within the evolutionary tree of dinosaurs this new species, called Changyuraptor yangi, belonged. More »