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7/3/2015 Keep Safe and Have a Great Summer! For many, the summer months - when school is out and families take vacations - mean lots of fun in the sun. But with all the pleasures of the season comes injuries and increased visits to the emergency department.
6/19/2015 Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life at Stony BrookMore than 800 people, including some 300 cancer survivors, came together to celebrate survivorship and life with their families and Stony Brook University Cancer Center caregivers at Stony Brook's annual National Cancer Survivors Day. The beautiful, bright June day brought many sunny smiles to those in attendance, as well as stories of hope from survivors ranging from the very young to those in their golden years.
5/29/2015 121 New Physicians from Stony Brook Medicine Launch CareersStony Brook Medicine's latest crop of new physicians - all 121 who received their MD degrees during the 41st Convocation of the Stony Brook University School of Medicine on May 21 - will begin their careers as practicing physician starting in July. Collectively nearly half of the Class of 2015 will begin residency in New York State. The rest will train at academic medical centers and other healthcare institutions in 17 other states.
5/15/2015 Four High School Seniors Inspired by HOPE to Attend Stony BrookSixteen high school seniors from underserved communities on Long Island who completed Stony Brook's Health Occupations Partnership for Excellence (HOPE) Program celebrated their "graduation" from HOPE and are on their way to college. A ceremony took place at Stony Brook Medicine to honor their accomplishment on May 12. The students are from the Brentwood, Longwood and Wyandanch school districts. Four students will be attending Stony Brook University in the fall.
5/7/2015 Stony Brook Biological Anthropologist Named Chair of Anatomical SciencesRandy Susman, PhD, an expert in Biological Anthropology and a Professor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University for more than 25 years, has been named Chair of the Department, announced Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, Senior Vice President, Health Sciences, and Dean of the School of Medicine. Dr. Susman's tenure as Chair of Anatomical Sciences begins on May 10.
5/7/2015 Stony Brook University Hospital-led Suffolk Care Collaborative Launches New WebsiteThe Suffolk Care Collaborative (SCC) today launched its new website dedicated to providing information and fostering communication on behalf of the more than 500 organizational partners in the Stony Brook University Hospital Performing Provider System (PPS) for Suffolk County. Known as the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP), this federal program represents an historic opportunity to change how healthcare is delivered in Suffolk County, particularly for Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients. Under DSRIP, the SCC has evolved as a result of the recent partnership of thousands of healthcare delivery partners across Suffolk County, NY.
5/6/2015 Stony Brook Athletes and Community Salute ALS Patients "Riding for Life"A chorus of cheers and bagpipers could be heard as patients with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease) rode onto the Stony Brook University Campus in their power wheelchairs at the annual Ride for Life event. Stony Brook University athletes escorted the Riders who rode to Stony Brook to take part in the Pinwheel Remembrance Ceremony on May 2, the cornerstone event of the 12-day power wheelchair Ride for Life trek across Long Island that ends in Manhattan on May 9.
4/17/2015 Spring is here! Get Rid of Ugly Varicose Veins, Show Legs off By SummerEmbarrassed to show off your legs this summer? Well you're not alone. Varicose veins affect more than 30 million adults in the US between the ages of 18 to 70, with women twice as likely as men to develop the condition. These veins bulge and rise above the skin's surface. They are often unattractive, uncomfortable and could cause further medical problems.
4/13/2015 Could Your Morning Cup of Joe Be Associated with Reducing Cancer Risks? Coffee is a morning staple for most Americans who turn to a hot cup to help increase wakefulness and to try to improve concentration and focus. Coffee is known as the world's most popular beverage, with over one billion drinkers world-wide and 6.7 million tons global consumption yearly. But over the years there has been some conflicting reports on whether having that cup of Joe is good or bad for your health?
3/30/2015 Stony Brook Nutritionists Say the New Diet Trend is Skipping the TrendLooking for a new diet? Trying to determine what will be on your dinner plate by glancing at the headlines, well think again. While some consumers may feel like the ideal diet is always changing, Stony Brook Medicine Nutritionists say - "nutrition, like medicine and science, is evolving with new research tools enabling new discoveries and better recommendations." However, most of what makes up a high quality diet doesn't change with the latest research study.
3/27/2015 Organ Donation: 6 Myths that Might Change Your Mind about Giving the Gift of LifeDid you know that one organ donor can save up to eight lives? And that could be extremely helpful given the fact that in New York State alone, over 10,000 people are waiting for organ transplants, according to LiveOnNY (formally the New York Organ Donor Network). More than 8,000 people await kidneys; over 1,300 need livers; and more than 300 need hearts.
3/24/2015 Med Students "Match" to Leading Programs in New York, Nationwide115 fourth-year Stony Brook University School of Medicine students matched to residency programs in New York and 17 other states at this year's Match Day, an annual event when more than 25,000 graduating medical students find out where they will launch their medical careers as resident physicians. Most residency programs begin July 1.
3/19/2015 A High Tech Option for Colon Cancer Screening Colonoscopies are one of those necessary screenings that people tend to put off -- despite the fact that if detected early, colorectal cancers have extremely high survival rates. In recent years, an alternative to the traditional colonoscopy has emerged as an option for many patients - called virtual colonoscopy. Matthew Barish, MD, Associate Professor of Radiology, Division Co-Chief, Abdominal Imaging, and Director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Stony Brook Medicine, talks about the benefits and risks of this high-tech screening device and how it could be life-saving.
3/17/2015 Wounded Police Officer Discharged from Stony Brook University HospitalSuffolk County police officer Mark Collins who was wounded while pursuing a suspect late Wednesday night in Huntington Station was discharged Sunday afternoon from Stony Brook University Hospital.
3/12/2015 New York Islanders Score Big with Patients at Stony Brook Children's HospitalThere might have been some sad faces after a loss against the New York Rangers on Tuesday night - the final faceoff at Nassau Coliseum for both New York based National Hockey League teams - but the New York Islanders scored big smiles with patients at Stony Brook Children's Hospital on Wednesday afternoon as three players visited the hospital.
3/11/2015 7 Ways to Reduce the Risks for Colorectal CancerColorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States for men and women combined. And this year alone, it is expected to cause nearly 50,000 deaths.
3/10/2015 Wide Range of Stony Brook Programs Cited in 2016 Edition of US News & World Report Best Graduate Schools Stony Brook University is named frequently in a listing of highly ranked programs in graduate education, according to the 2016 edition of US News & World Report's "Best Graduate Schools" publication. The rankings reflect data from surveys of more than 1,500 schools and more than 12,000 graduate programs. The publication focuses on programs in Business, Education, Engineering, Law, and Medicine. The Stony Brook University School of Nursing had the highest jump in ranking, as it rose 76 spots from being ranked 166th in 2011 to 90th in 2015.
3/5/2015 Walk for Beauty The Walk for Beauty has raised more than over $1.275 million for cancer research since its inception in 1994. Funds also help pay for wigs and prostheses for cancer patients. The event is an all-volunteer initiative with no administrative costs. All proceeds stay in the community to benefit cancer research at Stony Brook.
3/5/2015 5 Tips to Fight off the Winter BluesWith the forecast calling for more snow today, this 'eternal' winter the North-East has been suffering through has many in the region calling it quits on this season. But if you have been feeling moody or even depressed this winter, you're not alone. About 10 million Americans are said to be effected with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Another 10 to 20 percent could have a mild case of the disorder.
2/20/2015 Cut the Sugar, Up the Good Fats Stony Brook Medicine Registered Dietician Gives New Strategies for Heart Healthy NutritionEggs, anyways you like them, might be back on the breakfast menu. For decades, dietary cholesterol has been the focus of nutrition-related heart disease prevention. But now, as the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is preparing its 2015 report, new evidence has opened up the discussion that dietary cholesterol may not play as harmful of a role in heart disease as once thought.
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