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6/29/2015 (Dan's Papers) SCGP Cafe's Chef Paolo Fontana Raises a Glass to Dan's Harvest East End"Roasted chicken, tomato salad, and corn on the cob," are foods that define summer on the East End for Chef Paolo Fontana of SCGP Cafe in Stony Brook. Fontana, the son of Sicilian imigrants, grew up in the kitchen and studied in Italy as well as The Culinary Institute of America in New York, Stony Brook University, and NYU. Early in his career he apprenticed under famed Chef Mario Batali and has continued in that tradition serving as a culinary instructor at NYIT. Chef Fontana will be on the North Fork this summer where he joins over 40 chefs at Dan's Harvest East End this August. He took time out from his busy kitchen to dish with us about perfect drinks, desserts with a kick, and raised a toast to East End wine.
6/29/2015 (Long Island Business News) Stony Brook opening comp sci buildingStony Brook University is planning a grand opening of its new, 70,000-square-foot computer science building on July 1. The school says the $40.8 million project demonstrates New York State's "commitment to the Department of Computer Sciences' exponential growth in faculty, staff, students and its collaborative high-tech research."
6/27/2015 (Yahoo News) White House, buildings across the country light up in rainbow colors to celebrate gay rightsJen Heerwig, an assistant professor of sociology at Stony Brook University, who has co-authored scholarly works on the subject, says that Supreme Court ruling brings the nation's law up to speed with majority opinion in the United States, which has become steadily and rapidly more liberal on the issue of marriage equality in recent years.
8/28/2015 (Newsday) Stony Brook deep-space hunter discovers ultra dark galaxies far, far away"We call them dark galaxies because they are very faint and are characterized by so-called dark matter," said Jin Koda, an assistant professor in the department of astronomy and physics at Stony Brook University and the project's lead investigator.
6/27/2015 (WNET-"On The Record") Flame ChallengeCovering the world science festival, we have an excerpt of a program in association with the flame challenge, an annual contest for teachers and scientists held by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at stony Brook University.
6/25/2015 (Time) Should I Eat Sushi?Mercury is still a concern with sushi, says Roxanne Karimi, PhD, 
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University
. Her research on mercury found that blood mercury levels were positively associated with eating a weekly tuna steak or sushi. But small-bodied fish lower on the food chain have less of it, she says.
6/25/2015 (FiOS1) Young patients put their cancer worries on ice with help from SBU hockey teamOver 30 kids battling illness get free skating lessons from Stony Brook University Hockey Team/Seawolves in Hauppauge rink.
6/24/2015 (FiOS1) Urology resident follows a doctor's destinyUrology resident follows a doctor's destiny: Varun Talankin pursues his medical career at the Stony Brook hospital where he was born and family works.
6/24/2015 (WCBS-TV) Dr. Max Gomez: Virtual Colon ToursDr. Max Gomez: Virtual Colon Tour--Dr. Gomez visits and talks with Dr. Arie Kaufman about virtual colonoscopy and the reality deck.
6/22/2015 (NBC) Astronomers Discover Hundreds of Weird Galaxies Filled With Dark MatterLast year, astronomers were surprised to detect 47 galaxies in the Coma Cluster that were made almost entirely of dark matter. So how much more surprised are they to see 800 more dark galaxies in the same cluster? Even that many concentrations of mysterious dark matter may be merely the "tip of the iceberg," said Jin Koda, an astrophysicist at Stony Brook University in New York.
6/23/2015 (MSNBC) What's the real history of the Confederate flag?Robert Chase, professor of history at Stony Brook University joins Tamron Hall to discuss the history of the Confederate flag on NewsNation.
6/23/2015 (Newsday) Experts discuss ways to limit nitrogen polluting LI waterwaysAlgae blooms, fed by excessive levels of nitrogen, could have sucked the oxygen out of the water, leading to the deaths, said Christopher Gobler, a professor at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.
6/21/2015 (Newsday) LI tech firms struggle to fill positionsA similar shortage exists locally, said Yacov Shamash, vice president for economic development and dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University. "We just don't have enough kids going into the computer science and engineering fields."
6/22/2015 (CNN) Confederate flag deserves history's harsh verdictRobert T. Chase, a professor of history at Stony Brook University, was formerly the public historian at the Avery Research Center, College of Charleston. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.
6/19/2015 (Newsday) Picture HealingKids with cancer find an artistic outlet and boost their confidence through the Pablove Shutterbugs, a 5-week photography program held at Stony Brook University overseen by Jessica Rotkiewicz, Multimedia Producer and teacher at Stony Brook University.
6/18/2015 (Newsday) LI family with strong ties to South Carolina church 'devastated'Robert Chase, a history professor at Stony Brook University, noted that in some ways Long Island's composition -- with its many smaller communities -- resembles Charleston. Chase, a scholar of post-World War II history, formerly was public historian of the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture at the College of Charleston. The history of slavery and racism isn't confined to the South or the past, Chase said, and the racially charged issues of gun violence and police brutality are very much relevant today in New York and across the country. This is a time, he said, "for Long Islanders to think about how we can reach out and treat people who are different than us and find commonality."
6/18/2015 (Time) Twitter, Vodafone, and Georgetown University All Commit to Gender EqualitySamuel L. Stanley, Jr., president of Stony Brook University, aims to close the gender gap in graduation rates- currently, women graduate at a rate 15% higher than their male counterparts, yet over 56% of incoming freshmen are men. The university also aims to increase representation of women in each freshman class by 6%. And through their Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, Stony Brook University plans to make HeForShe a mainstream initiative across the SUNY network, which could reach almost half a million students.
6/16/2015 (CBS New York/WCBS-TV) Thousands More Dead Fish Found Floating In Peconic River "The oxygen levels in the Peconic River went to zero," said Stony Brook marine scientist Chris Gobler. He said brown tide is also creating high nitrogen levels and notes that about 90 percent of homes in and around the river have septic systems.
6/16/2015 (Newsday) Oxygen levels critically low at site of fish die-off in Peconic River, experts say"The bottom line is, not much can survive through that," said Christopher Gobler, a professor at Stony Brook University's Center for Aquatic and Atmospheric Sciences, noting that low levels have registered before, including the days leading up to the first die-off in late May.
6/16/2015 (Wall Street Journal) The Return of Cartoonist Jules Feiffer"After the Voice let me go, my friend, author Roger Rosenblatt, called. He said he was starting a writing program at Stony Brook University in Southampton, and insisted I move out to teach. I lived in several places before settling in a rental in the Northwest Woods area of East Hampton in 2013. The house is beautiful and spacious, with four bedrooms. It reminds me of how I had always dreamed of living as a kid."
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