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11/20/2014 (WABC-TV) Stony Brook Medicine Hosts the Great American Smokeout EventStony Brook Medicine hosts the Great American Smokeout--turn in a pack of cigarettes as part of the Great American Smokeout event and receive a fresh cold turnkey sandwich and invitation to a free program how to quit smoking.
11/20/2014 (CNN) Can we pull elephants back from the brinkEditor's note: Richard Leakey, a world-renowned anthropologist, is professor and chair of Stony Brook University's Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya...."I am an African -- a lifelong resident and citizen of Kenya, where I previously ran the Kenya Wildlife Service and now chair the Turkana Basin Institute as a professor at Stony Brook University."
11/19/2014 (New York Post) Tears, superstitions and busted eyes with Chris Algieri's parents"I told him he could continue boxing, but that he needed to do something else," Chris Algieri's mother said. "All I wanted was for him to get a degree, so he gets one in nutrition [undergraduate from Stony Brook, master's from New York Institute of Technology], which only helps him for what he's doing now.
11/18/2014 (New York Times) Long Island Boxer Chris Algieri Says He's Set for Manny PacquiaoChris Algieri's rise from unknown boxer to a champion worthy of fighting the superstar Manny Pacquiao on Saturday in Macau began when he saw another boxer beaten nearly to death...Algieri remains focused, unchanged by his new celebrity. He used the $100,000 he earned against Provodnikov to satisfy student loans, to pave his parents' driveway and install a new roof, and to establish a scholarship fund at Stony Brook.
11/18/2014 (Newsday) Letter: Lloyd aquifer must remain protectedEditor's note: The writers, Danica Warns, Katie Flowers, are master's candidates in the marine conservation and policy program at Stony Brook University. The state Department of Environmental Conservation acknowledges that the potential effect of pumping from the Lloyd aquifer is not well understood, as noted in "Bid to pump from the purest water underlying LI prompts worries about contamination, saltwater intrusion" [News, Nov. 3].
11/18/2014 (Newsday) Ebola outbreak: Are we failing our medical heroes?Upon returning to the United States from Liberia early last month, physician and anthropologist Paul Farmer described the shallow response in the West to the current Ebola outbreak as a "terrorism of poverty."
11/18/2014 (Scientific American) Ask the Experts: How Do We Make Batteries More Powerful, Cheaper and Safer? In June the Energy Department awarded $100 million to 32 EFRCs, $10 million of which is funding complex battery system research at Stony Brook University, S.U.N.Y. led by materials scientist and chemical engineer Esther Takeuchi. A distinguished professor at Stony Brook with a long list of engineering accolades, Takeuchi is best known for developing an improved battery for powering implantable defibrillators. She also holds more patents than any other woman in the U.S.
11/17/2014 (Smithsonian) Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All TimeIn a culture so saturated with information and so fragmented by the search possibilities of the Internet, how do we measure historical significance? Steven Skiena and Charles B. Ward have come up with a novel answer. Skiena is the Distinguished Teaching Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University and a co-founder of the social-analytics company General Sentiment.
11/15/2104 (Newsday) Editorial: Suffolk gets serious about water qualitySuffolk also is making progress on an equally knotty problem: how to reduce nitrogen emanating from inefficient and often-failing septic systems in the thousands of homes that never can be sewered in a cost-effective way. The county will begin a pilot program in March to install new high-tech systems in a handful of homes. Some models will be approved and a financial mechanism devised to get them into as many residences as possible. Complementing that will be a new research center at Stony Brook University, spearheaded by Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and started with $2 million in state seed money, to develop the next generation of even more efficient septic systems.
11/16/2014 (Miami Herald) Manny Pacquiao continues trend with pay-per-view boxing match against Chris Algieri in MacauA win over the heavily favored Manny Pacquiao could provide Chris Algieri a breakthrough into the pay-per-view landscape. Algieri, 30, is a promoter's and TV network's dream, seemingly delivered from central casting. In addition to his spotless record and world title, Algieri has a bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University and is considering medical school as a future educational option.
11/14/2014 (New York Post) Chris Algieri, in his own words: How I'll beat Manny PacquiaoThis is a first-person column by WBO light welterweight champion Chris Algieri of Huntington, Long Island, written as he closed training camp in Las Vegas and headed for Macau, China, where he fights Manny Pacquiao...Being part of a mega-fight like this, there has been a lot of new stuff involved. There was a long press tour followed by an endless amount of interviews. I got to ring the closing bell on Wall Street, serve as a Grand Marshall for a parade and was honored at my alma mater, Stony Brook University.
11/13/2014 (Forbes) Knowing Your Purpose In Life Could Help You Live Longer, Study SaysResearchers from University College London, Princeton University, and Stony Brook University examined the link between wellbeing and longevity. They reviewed data on three types of wellbeing: 1. Evaluative wellbeing - evaluations of how satisfied people are with their lives 2. Hedonic wellbeing - feelings or moods such as happiness, sadness, and anger 3. Eudemonic wellbeing - judgments about the meaning and purpose of life
11/12/2014 (Men's Fitness) Chris Algieri has a lot on his plateIt's a long way from where Chris Algieri started. The 30-year-old grew up in Huntington, Long Island, earned a degree in health sciences from Stony Brook University and a master's degree in clinical nutrition from New York Institute of Technology. Algieri, who started his fighting career in kickboxing, still works as a certified nutritionist and until his upset win against Provodnikov, he was still taking on clients.
11/12/2014 (Newsday) Stony Brook partnership wins $3.2B contract to continue running Brookhaven National LabThe U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a five-year $3.2 billion contract to a partnership led by Stony Brook University to continue managing Brookhaven National Laboratory.
11/07/2014 (Fox News) Mysterious' chewing machine' mammal lived among the dinosaursDinosaurs that lumbered around the ancient supercontinent Gondwana had a warm-blooded neighbor a "chewing machine" with big eyes, excellent hearing and an acute sense of smell, according to a new study.
11/09/2014 (The Columbus Dispatch) Fossil offers clues to evolution of mammalsPaleontologists searching for fish fossils on Madagascar four years ago came upon what proved to be a well-preserved cranium of a mammal that lived 66 million to 70 million years ago, in the closing epoch of the mighty dinosaurs.
11/11/2014 (Newsday) In U.S., good medical care leads to high Ebola survival rateDr. Samuel Stanley, president of Stony Brook University and an expert in microbiology, said during a symposium last week that the public should rely only on information from credible sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
11/11/2014 (Futurity) Scans find 'odd' mammal skull in a chunk of rockA newly discovered groundhog-like creature from 66-70 million years ago was massive compared to other mammals of its time, say researchers.
11/11/2014 (Human Capital Blog) Stony Brook Helps Veterans Become NursesLori Escallier, PhD, RN, CPNP, is a professor and associate dean for evaluation and outcomes at the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Nursing. She is her university's project director for a program that helps veterans earn baccalaureate degrees in nursing (VBSN) and for New Careers in Nursing, a program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) that supports second-career nurses in accelerated master's and baccalaureate nursing programs.
11/10/2014 (Fast Company) Tristan Walker: The Visible ManSBU graduate Tristan Walker is a celebrity in Silicon Valley, known primarily for his success and creativity as head of business development at Foursquare, which he joined in 2009 and left in 2012.
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