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7/30/2014 (Times Beacon Record) Host an International SBU Student
Soon hundreds of international students will be arriving at Stony Brook University to begin their academic careers in search of advanced degrees and they are in need of host families to make the transition easier.

7/25/2014 (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) Patricia Wright, lemur expert, at Seneca Park Zoo
Patricia C. Wright's younger brother, Ted Chapple of Avon, mused recently that his big sister is known around the world...Wright won the $250,000 Indianapolis Prize and she was named a distinguished professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, attaining the highest teaching position in the SUNY system.

7/30/2014 (Gizmodo) Scientist invents math trick to slice bagel into two entangled halves
Bagels are delicious literally no matter which way you slice them--but are they more delicious when cut into a "mathematically perfect" shape? Stony Brook University's engineering professor George W. Hart thinks he has found the magic formula.

7/29/2014 (Newsday) Pluto planet controversy rages on among scientists
"Clearly, Pluto is a touchy subject," said Fred Walter, a professor of astronomy at Stony Brook University. As Walter sees it, powerful scientific evidence undergirded Pluto's downgrade from planet to dwarf. "It has the most extreme orbit of any of the planets, at least when it was a planet," Walter said, noting Pluto, about the size of Earth's moon, is highly dependent on a larger, full-fledged celestial body, a guardian planet in the cosmos.

7/30/2014 (Newsday) University gets funds for kidney research
Stony Brook University has received a donation of $750,000 from Dialysis Clinic Inc. to establish a permanent endowed professorship in nephrology research.

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