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12/17/2014 (Newsday) Long Islanders Concerned about High Housing Costs, Finds PollLeonie Huddy, director of the Stony Brook University Center for Survey Research and author of the Long Island Index poll, had a similar observation. "I was struck by the trend, seen in several different questions, toward increased support for alternative housing options," Huddy wrote in an email. The changes aren't dramatic, she said, "but they point in the same direction: away from Long
12/16/2014 (Fox News) Five ways to stay sane during the holiday seasonArticle by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, a clinical professor at Stony Brook University's Health Sciences Center where he teaches graduate level course-work on the treatment of addiction.
12/14/2014 (NBC News): Report: Ocean Is Filled with Trillions of Plastic PiecesSBU's Carl Safina contributes to story about nearly 300,000 tons of plastic pieces found in the world's oceans, according to a report.
12/12/2014 (NPR's Science Friday) Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Answer: What Is Sleep?Alan Alda's "Flame Challenge" asks scientists to answer the big questions that keep them up at night to 11-year-olds around the world.
12/14/2014 (New York Post) In My LibraryThere's a reason why there's an Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University: The "M*A*S*H" star is obsessed with finding ways we can better understand the natural world.
12/10/2014 (Huffington Post: Politics) Protect and Maintain America's Scientific PreeminenceThe author is a physician, medical researcher and President of Stony Brook University.
12/8/2014 (Forbes) What Women Could Bring To The Dismal (And Sexist) Science Of EconomicsNoah Smith, an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University, argues persuasively in a recent piece for Bloomberg View that sexism is more severe in economics than in the other sciences. This is not to say that other scientific fields are free of a gender gap; in most fields, fewer women than men pursue advanced degrees, become professors and publish articles. But compared with economics, the other sciences look like a "feminist nirvana," says Smith.
12/8/2014 (New York Times) How Witnessing Violence Affects a Child, and How to HelpAnne Machalinski is a freelance journalist specializing in women's health, parenting and local travel, and an adjunct lecturer at Stony Brook University's School of Journalism. Follow her on Twitter: @anniemach. .
12/8/2014 (Science 2.0) Jerks Are Penalized Even When They Have Good IdeasSamuel Hunter of Pennsylvania State University and Lily Cushenbery of Stony Brook University, writing in the Journal of Business and Psychology, say jerks that are disagreeable by nature, overly confident, dominant, argumentative, egotistic, headstrong or sometimes even hostile are lauded, like Jobs, if they are innovative and succeed and happen to be CEO of the company, but for most people it can backfire.
12/7/2014 (Parents) Best Moisturizers for BabyKavita Mariwalla, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Stony Brook University Hospital and a mom of two under age 3, relies on this brand to keep her son's eczema-prone skin smooth. Aquaphor works wonders as a daily moisturizer after bathing, and is a go-to for diaper rash. Petrolatum conditions and protects, and lanolin is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. (3 oz., $5.79; drugstore.com)
12/5/2014 (ZME Science) New camera for ultrafast photography shoots one hundred billion frames per secondHigh speed photography is no longer a new thing... but then again, it depends what you mean by high speed photography; you likely don't mean one hundred billion frames per second (100,000,000,000 fps) - but that's exactly what Liang Gao, Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University means. He and his team have developed the world's fastest receive-only 2-D camera.
12/4/2014 (PBS Newshour) Zig-zag on ancient shell may rewrite art and human history"If this is symbolic behavior by Homo erectus, then it's basically the only evidence we've got for a species that lived for a million-and-a-half years on three continents," John Shea, a professor of anthropology at Stony Brook University in New York, told NPR
12/3/2014 (Newsday/Explore LI) When kids need more iron in their dietsIf your son is eating a balanced diet and doesn't have a history of iron deficiency, he doesn't need a multivitamin with iron, says Dr. Jill Creighton, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at Stony Brook Children's Hospital.
12/3/2014 (Symmetry Magazine) Searching for a dark light"The heavy photon could be the key to a whole rich world with many new dark particles and forces," says Rouven Essig, a Stony Brook University theoretical physicist who in recent years helped develop the theory for heavy-photon searches.
12/2/2014 (NBC News) Alan Alda Challenges Scientists: Explain Sleep to an 11-Year-OldActor-turned-part-time professor Alan Alda has a new challenge for scientists: Explain sleep to an 11-year-old. The television and film star best known for his role in the 1970s sitcom "MASH" has had a lifelong interest in science. The New York native teaches at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University on Long Island.
12/2/2014 (New York Times) $1,000 Reward for Best Scientific Answer--What Is Sleep?This simple question is the fourth in a series explored through a contest run by Stony Brook University's Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. (The previous questions were what is a flame, what is time, what is color.) Alda has long interlaced a love of science in his theatrical, film and television work. He's also long been an evangelist for clear and effective communication of basic science.
12/1/2014 (Newsday) Garden City student's question chosen for international Flame ChallengeWhat is sleep? It is the question selected for scientists from all over the world to answer in this year's Flame Challenge, an international competition founded by actor Alan Alda and the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.
11/27/2014 (News 12) Suffolk couple thankful for premature twin progressThe term "Thanksgiving" took on a deeper meaning for a family in Suffolk this year. Jamie Sledge, of Greenport, held her two twin boys for the first time Thursday. They were born prematurely during an emergency C-section after 28 weeks of pregnancy on Sept. 23.
11/26/2014 (New York Times) What If We're Wrong about Depression?For Turhan Canli, a professor of integrative neuroscience at Stony Brook University, that means looking at the possibility that depression could be caused by an infection.
11/27/2014 (CBS) News Stranger Donates Stem Cells In Hopes Of Curing New York Woman With LeukemiaA New York woman battling leukemia was especially grateful this Thanksgiving, as she credited the kindness of a total stranger with helping save her life.
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